Healthcare & Science

One of the ways we distinguish ourselves is through our proven ability to assemble and coordinate teams of our experts. We have developed in our team best engineers, electricians, architects and other skilled experts. ALB Architect works, efficient, and high-caliber work regardless of whether your project is large or small in scope, we plan ahead, anticipating and addressing potential problems, our experience with a wide range of projects helps us tackle challenges and produce results that give you a strong return on investment.

Throughout each project, we collaborate with our clients and ensure that our work responds to their goals and specifications. We support the efforts of medical facilities to evolve and update their methods and approach. We want to help maximize efficiency, reduce error rates, and protect the safety and well-being of patients and staff.

Alb-Architect offers overall planning solutions as well as individual services covering every scope of work and service phase:

  • Architecture
  • Structural design
  • Building services engineering
  • Medical and laboratory technology
  • Interior design
  • Further, we provide advice in the sectors:
  • Operational planning
  • Organizational and process planning