In a world rapidly facing the prospects of climate change and depletion of cheap fossil fuel resources, it becomes eminently clear that qualified professionals are required to rise to the challenges that will flow from these threats. Moreover, it is clear that these threats transcend traditional design and building principles. This is why the team of Alb Architect provides a wide range of environmental management services, to support its clients from the beginning to the end of each project.

We aim to provide professional consulting services that require both solid technical backgrounds as well as a broad scope of view, which will allow for visionary solutions for the challenges ahead. The key to our success is understanding the importance in building a world that is both robust and resilient, by researching and studying alternative energy resources.

We offer individual and general services embracing the following, but not limited to:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewables
  • River Basin Development
  • Dams And Artificial Lakes
  • WTP & Water Supply Network
  • WWTP & Sewage Network
  • Environmental

For each category mentioned above, design and supervision services are provided. The design phase incorporates the preparation of the conceptual design, detailed design for the construction works. The final submittals for projects are preparation of detailed design drawings, comprehensive technical specification & BoQ, cost estimate, and preparation of documents for construction permits for national and international projects. Alb Architect also supports the client in obtaining and submitting all relevant project–specific documents to the authorities and supports the client in obtaining all necessary permits and certificates.

The projects are compiled in accordance with technical requirements while the technical description, bill of quantities, and drawings are prepared based on the Energy Audit and application of European norms and requirements for high energy efficiency buildings and application of renewable energy.

The supervision phase is based on Quality Control as a key point. Quality control of works is carried out conform with the foreseen requirements stipulated in the main design, continual control of the quality of materials and products, systematization of results, and the recommendation for the intervention for possible remedies. Alb Architect’s control is based on quality requirements in accordance with the applicable European Directives and Standards, while being monitored by following specific templates for each phase starting from the Approval of Materials, quality monitoring during observation, and the decisions to eliminate eventual defects.